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With changes that arise with the EU agreement, it's crucial to know how to adapt your business to meet the new requirements to trade internationally. This hub provides useful tips on how your business can start exporting, achieve rapid international expansion and discusses new UK government grants available to small businesses.


Tue, 29 June 2021

New World Order: International trade post-Brexit

With the UK out of the EU, many small businesses are having to rethink their operations and seek new opportunities


Wed, 21 April 2021

How to start exporting to China

Wed, 21 April 2021

Small firms urge greater exporter support amid £2.5bn sales slump

Fri, 29 January 2021

Business groups issue joint statement over concerns of difficulties at UK ports


Mon, 28 December 2020

The hidden costs of international ecommerce


Tue, 08 December 2020

New UK Government grants for small businesses

Tue, 08 December 2020

Why you need to be selling overseas now

Wed, 13 May 2020

Small businesses, global trade and the recovery from COVID19 – In-conversation with Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss, Secretary of State for International Trade

Tue, 26 November 2019

Six tips to break into exporting

Tue, 18 June 2019

Nine ways your business can save time and money on freight

Wed, 05 June 2019

How to achieve rapid international expansion

Tue, 28 May 2019

How a small business can make its first move into exporting

Fri, 30 November 2018

How to break into the USA market

Fri, 16 November 2018

How to get started with exporting

Mon, 30 July 2018

How to draw up an international business plan

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