Why the right time to invest in your first server is now

  • 30 Nov 2021

If you haven’t already taken control of your IT infrastructure there’s no better time than now


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Don’t be daunted by the prospect of investing in your first server. As this short video explains, if you haven’t already taken control of your IT infrastructure there’s no better time than now. 


Keeping your business connected and protected has gained even greater significance as the rise in remote working has highlighted the need for: 

  • Better collaboration
  • Securing data
  • High-intensity computing
  • Disaster recovery

All the issues that servers are purpose built to contend with to keep your business running without disruption.

Many small businesses are realising the importance of accelerating their digital transformation to succeed and grow. A server is the next step on that journey. And a lack of in-house IT skills should not be a barrier to moving forward.

Dell Technologies deploys servers in such a way that cuts out 99% of the IT complexities. With the minimum of training you will be able to manage your own IT infrastructure with a server solution that’s tailor-made for your business’s needs.

Consider these 10 ways that a server can help you achieve your goals:

  1. Share and access information anywhere at anytime
  2. Free up storage on individual PCs
  3. Control who has access to specific data
  4. Manage and secure everything from one location
  5. Work from anywhere with safe, remote access
  6. Update every computer on your network at once
  7. Streamline maintenance across your network
  8. Backup files from a central location
  9. Seamlessly keep your IT infrastructure up to date
  10. Scalability means your servers grow as you grow

Watch the video, and to find out more, call Dell Technologies Advisors today on 0800 085 4878 or chat with them here.

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