What’s the future for business laptop technology? 

  • 14 Dec 2021

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If you’re looking to upgrade your tech set up with a new business laptop in 2022, you’ll want to ensure it is future fit. Packed with features and the power to drive your enterprise journey in whatever direction it takes. Or perhaps you are still using your personal laptop for business purposes and not convinced of the benefits a business-specific model can bring.

It’s true that past perceptions of laptops designed for business use may have been less than flattering. Built like tanks, built to last and putting productivity tasks above aesthetics and innovation. But that’s just not true today. And at the cutting edge of the business laptop evolution is Dell’s Latitude series.


Available in traditional clamshell, detachable or convertible/2 in 1 models, you’re guaranteed to find a Latitude that will meet your business needs. With all the following features, and more, to help you get the work done:

Outstanding battery life

Laptopmag.com recently rated the top-of-the-rage Dell Latitude 9510 no. 1 for battery life, calling it the longest-lasting laptop ever. Such enduring power beyond the plug is a characteristic the Latitude family shares. Renowned for exceptional battery runtimes with no drop in performance on the go even for the most demanding business user.

Power to your productivity

The Latitude’s Intel® Evo™ platform ensures premium performance in terms of size, weight, speed, connectivity and user interactivity. And those Latitude devices with the new Intel® Evo™ vPro® Platform add hardware-based security features, remote manageability, and PC fleet stability to that stellar PC experience.

Easy on the eyes

Expansive, narrow-border screens with non-glossy matte displays mitigate glare and reflections. Still enabling you to experience vibrant colour while reducing harmful blue light emissions.


Automatic webcam security

Available on the Latitude 9420 and 9520, SafeShutter is the industry’s first automatic security webcam. It knows when to automatically open or close by syncing to your video conferencing applications (with permission), and lets you take control of your privacy with camera disable and mic mute keys to override software settings.

Green credentials

When it comes to sustainability, Latitude leads the way. The 5000 series were the first PCs to use reclaimed carbon fiber in the design and are the first to use 21% bioplastics from trees in the lid. Latitude products are all EPEAT (The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Gold registered.

Personalised intelligence built in

Deployed with Latitude series laptops is Dell Optimizer – a business, AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way you work. Its benefits include intelligent background noise-cancelling, auto-mute and smart connectivity features such as ExpressConnect, which prioritises bandwidth to your conferencing apps to prevent dropped calls.


Find your ideal Latitude business laptop here.


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