What can Cisco Webex Calling do for my business?

  • 11 Oct 2019

When we’re swamped by emails, texts, and instant messages at work, it's often easier to pick up the phone and talk to somebody. Businesses of all sizes still understand the value of a phone call, and technological progress means that owning and managing a calling system is easier than ever.

What is Cisco Webex Calling?

Traditionally, office-based workers had a phone on their desk connected to a PBX, usually tucked away in a cupboard. Some users were assigned a direct line, while others relied on a receptionist to transfer incoming calls to them.

When making outbound calls, line contention could be an issue if the number of calls taking place at any one time exceeded the number of lines available.  It was an era of lots of cables, lots of phones, and lots of frustration for small business owners, who often managed the telephone system at the same time as supporting business growth. 

As internet and communications technologies evolved, it became possible to conduct voice – and later video – conversations using the web instead. Cloud calling systems like Cisco Webex Calling are the latest incarnation of this idea. Webex Calling is designed to make it easy for small businesses to run fully featured phone systems in the cloud without the cost and complexity of managing a PBX. And it’s catching on. According to our own Scott Hoffpauir, analysts say that up to 90% of IT leaders will no longer buy new on-premises PBX

What does Webex Calling mean for your small business?

  • Lower costs
  • Simpler management
  • More secure
  • A more agile workforce
  • Freedom to scale

Why Cisco Webex Calling?

Cisco Webex Calling is the one-stop shop for any small business looking to simplify, scale, and save money on its calling systems.



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