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Water turns on the tap to competition

Small firms in England will be able to change their water supplier for drinking, waste services and surface drainage in April, when the market opens to competition.

But while the move should insert new suppliers into the English market, FSB is warning members not to expect significant price drops in the short term. “It’s more about driving up services and standards,” said Allen Creedy, FSB Energy, Environment and Water Chair. 

FSB has worked with the water regulator Ofwat, the consumer council for water, and Government body Open Water to help shape the move, drawing on its experience with the energy market. 

“We’ve learnt a lot on tariff clarity, choice and third-party intermediaries, so we have been informing Government and the regulator about those issues,” said Mr Creedy. Brokers should be able to help small firms compare deals. 

FSB is urging firms to take their time before switching. 

FSB Energy will be offering competitive water supply services from early April. Go to

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