Understand your business broadband options

  • 04 Jul 2022

Connectivity is essential for every business, large or small. Being able to respond quickly to queries, answer questions, solve problems and generally support your customers are all business fundamentals.

Written by: Jamie Kavanagh, Contributor at Broadband.co.uk

When it comes to business broadband, most business packages use the same infrastructure and offer similar speeds to home broadband. The main differences are that you get extra features aimed at business users that you don’t get with regular home internet.

Do I need a business broadband contract?

Only you can answer that question, but we would suggest investigating business broadband if:

  • Communications are key to how you operate
  • You need to work online or use cloud applications
  • You work in an office and need a dedicated connection
  • You use videoconferencing or unified communications services
  • You run an online store or provide online services
  • You find a higher level of support reassuring



Not every organisation needs business broadband. Many smaller businesses, freelancers, homeworkers and other types of businesses won’t always get their money’s worth.

How much does it cost?

Business broadband contracts differ in cost depending on the connection type, the speed and any extras you select.

Some example costs (correct in May 2022) include:

500 Mbps – Virgin Media cable broadband Voom 500 Solus – £62 per month
152 Mbps fibre broadband – BT Business Full Fibre 150 – £42.95 per month
76 Mbps fibre broadband – Plusnet Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband – £22 per month
39 Mbps – Vodafone Business Superfast 2 – £20.83 per month
18 Mbps Plusnet Unlimited Business Broadband – £18.00 per month

What does a business broadband deal offer?

We touched upon some of the benefits of business broadband above, but let’s add a little more detail. Business broadband can offer:

  • Dedicated business support team: Customer support from higher-trained staff than residential broadband
  • Service guarantees: Service guarantees, or SLAs, where faults are fixed within a set time period before you’re entitled to compensation
  • Traffic prioritisation: Business traffic is prioritised over residential so your connection should remain faster when things get busy
  • Business router: Faster, more capable routers, sometimes with more connectivity options than home users. May come with extra network security
  • Static IP address: Useful if you host your own web server or provide web application access as a service

Where do you find business broadband contracts?

You can find business broadband deals in all the same places you find residential deals. That includes:

Comparison sites: All the usual comparison websites like Broadband.co.uk compare business broadband as well as home

Provider website: All providers that offer business broadband will have their latest offers on their website

You can also check business publications, local press or call broadband providers.

What’s a typical business broadband contract length?

Most business broadband contracts are for 24 months, similar to residential deals. You can find some contracts for 12 or 18 months but they aren’t as common. They can also be more expensive than a longer contract.

How easy is it to cancel or move if you have a short-term office lease?

Most business broadband contracts can move with you. As long as the provider offers services at your new address, moving should be simply a case of calling up and arranging the move.

If you need to cancel the contract, you can. If you’re within the fixed term part of the contract and cancel, you may be liable for an early cancellation fee. The provider will explain all costs when you cancel.

In summary…

Do you have to use business broadband if you run a business? No, you don’t but there are some benefits to using it.

If you work in an office or have multiple employees who work in the same place, business broadband has definite benefits.

If you like the reassurance of better support or priority traffic, it could benefit you too.

If you don’t use the internet much or don’t work online, the benefits of business broadband could be negligible.

Just like every business decision you make every day, you have to weigh up the pros and cons, the business benefits and whether you would get benefit from those benefits. Only then will you know the answer.

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