Tips on staying safe from cyber attacks

  • 22 Jul 2020

During the past several months, we’ve seen people coming together to support each other during difficult times. Sadly, not everyone is as altruistic: cybercrimes such as online scams, malware and phishing continue to be a threat.

It’s all too common for larger companies to experience data breaches, but smaller businesses can be targets, too. FSB research shows that smaller businesses are victim to seven million cybercrimes every year – 19,000 a day. The average incident costs a small business £3,000 
in damages, and it can take days to get back up and running. 

Technology allows us to manage our businesses efficiently, quickly communicate with colleagues or customers, and easily access information, so it’s vital to stay alert.


Here are five steps you can take to protect your business:

1 Back up all your data

All important business data, like customer details, financial records and any sensitive documents, should be backed up safely and regularly. A good place to store back ups securely is on the cloud, away from employee access

2 Use strong and unique passwords

Enable password protection on all devices, and choose a unique password for your accounts. Use two-factor authentication on all user accounts where you are given the option. Changing your passwords regularly helps to protect your accounts in the event of a breach

3 Keep all computers updated

Keep IT equipment up to date with the latest software, including computers, servers, smartphones and tablets. You can set your equipment to automatically update so you don’t forget

4 Install antivirus software and firewalls

Ensure all PCs have antivirus and anti-malware software installed, and that it’s always on. You can also install firewalls on your internet router and servers


5 Educate employees on best practices

Train employees about how they can keep business data secure. Make sure they know how to spot the signs of a fraudulent email to avoid phishing. You could also remove admin privileges for downloading software, so untrustworthy software is not installed accidentally

FSB Cyber Protection is free for members. It gives you access to specialist advice lines for data and cyber security matters, limited insurance protection, and a wealth of online resources from cyber security experts. 

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