The power of a positive business owner mindset

  • 27 Jun 2018

Always Move Forward in Neon LightsThe power of a positive business owner mindset can be the key to success. Positivity has been linked to increased ability to solve problems; more energy; increased resiliency; better decision making and can even be infectious!  With all these benefits, it seems crucial that a positive mindset should be the foundation upon which any business is built. 

This, however, isn’t done by thinking positively alone – positive actions need to complement the positive mindset and below are some ways that can be adopted easily




Have a positive attitude

Without belief in yourself, success will be incredibly difficult as it will only come if you totally believe in yourself and your abilities.  This attitude builds strength and resilience and allows you to overcome knocks along the way.

When you see your life and career in terms of the lack in what you have achieved, you will struggle to be successful as negativity will impede your progress.  You should take stock of what you have and what you have achieved and be proud and grateful.  A positive attitude helps you to stop suffering and complaining about the small issues.

Be brave

To be successful, you have to be brave and in order to be brave, you have to do brave things. Being successful is often about going beyond what you think you're capable of and venturing into the unknown. Whether you fail or succeed, you will learn and grow.

You also need to be able to take risks, even just educated ones.  Without risk, your success will be limited and you will remain in the ‘comfort zone’.


Challenge is what creates growth and each challenge you come across will provide you with the chance to create more of a direction towards your dream clients, customers, employees and financials.

Set goals

Be clear about where you want to get to in business - when you set your own goals, you're more motivated to achieve them.  As you achieve your goals, they provide confidence and a sense of personal achievement, which helps you to progress and be even more successful.

Visualise your success

Visualisation has been proven to be a powerful tool to harness goals and achievements you set yourself.  Vision boards, treasure maps or even just specific target dates can be used to focus and believe in the goals you set out to achieve.  When you make your purpose visual, you make it real; when you keep them in your mind, they stay as dreams.

Do what you love

You're more likely to succeed in business when you're invested in your passion and making your career fit you personally. There is a way to find passion about anything and everything you do in life.


You may not love every part of your job but by looking at the bigger picture makes your investment of time and energy worthwhile.  When you love the business you're in, there is nothing that can keep you from wanting to work at it, nurture it and make it grow.

Choose good company

Negativity can be even more contagious than positivity, so surround yourself with only positive, constructive people and do not be negative around other people who could catch your negativity.  A positive group of people get more things done and you can learn more positive things from each other.

Be discerning

Think clearly about the bigger picture and what it is you need for each step along the way to execute your business goals.  Be discerning of the people around you - which person is the best at what job, which clients will take you the furthest and what it is that you feel you should be doing to make your business more efficient.

Be Proactive

Business owners have to make things happen; decisions have to be made. If you are used to waiting to make decisions, you must change your mindset - if you procrastinate about making decisions then important things won’t get done and success will be limited.

Be organised

Any seemingly daunting task within your business can be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Get good at creating lists and executing them. You will need to be disciplined as very often people abandon lists half way through. The more you practice following through, the easier this will become.



Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so if you lack knowledge in a particular area, it is time to learn or delegate.  If you don’t have time to learn how to do a certain task, it’s always worthwhile to accept that there are professionals who can do the task quicker and better than you can.  The cost of outsourcing these tasks should be viewed as a worthwhile investment, not just another overhead.

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