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The five essentials to becoming more digital

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Digital is paving the way forward but, as a small business owner, it can be difficult to know how to get started or what to be aware of.

Here are five key steps towards becoming more digital.

It’s no longer digital versus non-digital 

Gone are the days where you’d have to make choices between digital and traditional marketing – nearly everything is digital now. Just take a look at publications switching to purely online editions or people reaching for their mobiles to order products. Although there’s still a place for more traditional techniques, they should be integrated into wider digital campaigns.  


Digital is fuelled by good content

The internet has transformed customer buying behaviour and allowed people to search for information at the touch of a button. Traditional advertising and sales techniques don’t carry the same impact as they used to and have been overtaken by good content, the fuel of good modern marketing. 

Focus on one area and do it well 

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by what you should be doing (and when) with digital. The key is to take time to find the right digital activity for you and then focus on doing it well before moving onto another. Take social media: it’s better to focus on doing a single platform well, rather than have stagnant profiles on multiple.

Utilise data to make better decisions

Often a more hidden benefit, there’s a wealth of interesting and useful insights and data you can find online. Tracking digital advertising campaigns shows you what works, and social media demographics show you who your customers really are. The important thing is to take advantage of this data by using it to make better business decisions.  

Keep up to date

The digital world is always changing, with new tools, new techniques and new research. One key essential to becoming more digital is to keep on top of these new and exciting developments – on we publish new content every day to help small businesses achieve more online. It’s all free, too.