Tech to enhance the working experience

  • 02 Nov 2020

This quarter’s best new gadgets can help to keep productivity and wellbeing levels high.

1. Equivital eqWave

Part of the ‘new normal’ is maintenance of social distancing. To help ensure that guidelines can be met, Equivital has developed the eqWave to alert workers if they get too close to each other. 


Clipped onto clothing, each Bluetooth-enabled device covers a 360-degree field with a radius that is configurable to comply with current distancing requirements; it provides vibrating and visual alerts if it senses another device an insufficient distance away. 

The eqWave comes in packs of 10 with a starting price of £60.

2. Tapo P100

A home working challenge is that most people’s residences aren’t as high-tech as the offices they’ve left. Tapo’s ‘smart’ plug enables you to manage anything from small devices to lights via smartphone, with no central hub. 

Set to sell for about £13, the P100 is able to operate electronic hardware on or off directly or according to pre-set schedules, and can be used with voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The plug is controlled using a free iOS and Android app.

3. Microsoft Surface Go 25.4cm

As home working becomes an indefinite reality for many, it’s crucial that the computers used are better than emergency stop-gaps. Microsoft’s Surface Go tablet packs the processing power of something more substantial, while remaining light and portable. 
Spec highlights include an Intel Pentium Gold Processor, an 1800x 1200-pixel screen and up to 256GB storage, while the device switches easily between table and laptop configurations. Available to buy now for around £700.


4. Wavewash

One headache for businesses is how to ensure hygiene levels remain high and minimise the chance of a Covid-19 outbreak. 

Wavewash is a simple, contactless timer designed for use in businesses, schools, care homes, hospices and households to ensure that hands are being washed with soap for enough time to rid them of microorganisms. Each unit can be fitted above any sink to provide a 20-second, light-up timer that is activated with a wave of the hand. Available now for a fraction under £25.

5. STM ChargeTree

As home workers up and down the UK are discovering, houses aren’t all that well set up for working. Space is suddenly at a serious premium, particularly with multiple battery-powered devices on the go. 

STM ChargeTree frees up a bit of desk space by going vertical. Capable of powering up your phone, AirPods and Apple Watch simultaneously, the lip on the front of this wireless charging stand enables you to continue to use your iPhone as it is replenished. Expect to pay just under £70.

6. Groov-e Zen

Anyone who has tried to conduct a conversation over the phone while a child creates havoc in the background will appreciate cutting-edge headphones. 

Capable of running for up to 10 hours without a break, the Groov-e Zen cans are designed for taking calls, or perhaps just listening to soothing music, while connected to a Bluetooth device. Noise-cancelling circuitry eliminates distractions, enabling you to concentrate on a task – or float above the mayhem. Zen-like calm can be yours for about £55.


7. Moodbeam One

With the pandemic taking its toll on our psychological health, it’s important to keep track of workers’ mental wellbeing. 

Moodbeam One is a wristband that enables users to log their mood and monitor their emotions. Priced at just under £50, wearers can press a yellow button when they are feeling well and a blue button one when they feel low. The data is then fed into an app, along with sleep and step data, to identify significant patterns or trends that might be contributing to stress or unhappiness.


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