Free 12 month subscription to TakeNote Reviews

  • 02 Dec 2020

TakeNote Reviews is a new review platform helping you identify strengths and weaknesses within your business, increasing customer loyalty and spend.

Here are just some of the benefits of TakeNote: 

  • In the moment customer feedback
  • Create custom questionnaires 
  • Build on your customer loyalty and help increase spend
  • Ask your customers their thoughts before implementing new ideas or changes to the business
  • Choose if feedback is public or private
  • Chat to customers privately to resolve issues easily and discreetly
  • Generate unique QR codes or links to attach to receipts or emails to get a full 360 view of your business
  • Get employee feedback privately through reviews and questionaries
  • Upload offers, prize draws and more

In recognition of the financial pressures this crisis has placed on small business and the self-employed, TakeNote is offering the first 12 months subscription to TakeNote Reviews at no charge. 

TakeNote Reviews are committed to helping businesses engage with their customers and employees differently. Our approach unlocks untapped benefits of loyalty, spend and an opportunity to enhance reputation and standout. We see the positive in feedback and show our customers how to use this powerful information to standout, innovate and thrive. 

Find out more at To take advantage of this offer, visit using the code FSB21FT

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