Sustainability myths debunked

  • 19 Oct 2020

With climate change very much a reality, the last few years have seen sustainability become an increasingly discussed topic. Its sudden appearance and a lack of understanding has led to widespread myths and misconceptions. Here we address the four most common to show that sustainability is perhaps simpler than you think.

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1. Sustainable isn’t affordable

Whilst most businesses appreciate the sentiment of sustainability, their primary concern is the cost, and many companies falsely believe that going sustainable will lose them money. However, becoming more sustainable is easier and more cost-effective than most think.


Doing something as simple as switching to LED lighting can be a great way to make your business energy efficient and reduce your consumption and costs by 80%. Vocalising your efforts can increase your profits, too. Deutsche Bank conducted a report which demonstrated companies with positive sustainability press saw shares outperform by 26%. By going sustainable, your business can gain credible publicity which drives more customers, making you more money.

2. I can’t make a difference

The thought of tackling climate change can be overwhelming and unfortunately, all too often people shy away from individual action believing they are too small to make an impact. Making a difference, however, doesn’t mean you are single-handedly expected to save the world; it means making changes to your lifestyle to support a cause you’re passionate about, be it deciding to cycle to the shops, connecting with fellow climate change enthusiasts or seeking out ways to be more sustainable.


3. Sustainability is a trend

Sustainability is changing our society and the way we conduct business for good. Its growing support demonstrates that is not just a passing fad and the sooner your business gets on board, the better. A recent UN Global Compact Accenture CEO study on sustainability showed an overwhelming 93% of CEOs agreed on the importance of sustainability to the future of their companies. The study highlights that sustainability is key to securing your company’s future.



4. Change needs to come from the government

Whilst government intervention is crucial in making change compulsory, why do you have to wait? By acting by choice rather than by force, your business emphasises the transparency of its values - you are deciding to be green not because someone told you to but because it’s the right thing to do. This decision will set you apart from your competitors and you’ll be rewarded by your customers.

By debunking the myths, we hope to show you that being sustainable is simple and accessible. Whether you’re wanting to increase profits, network, or are just curious about what sustainable means for you, Zellar can help you get on your journey.

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