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Supply chain is weakening, say small businesses

The supply chains of small businesses have weakened by 7.6 per cent across all sectors, according to the most recent issue of the Supply Chain Funding index (SCFi).

The index measures the health of supply chain funding and resilience on a scale of 0-10. YouGov published the first edition of the SCFi in October, describing a “weak and underperforming supply chain” rated at 6.6 by small businesses.

In May, YouGov published the second edition of the SCFi and small businesses fell back by 7.6 per cent from a score of 6.6 in October to a score of 6.1 in February.

John Ashcroft, visiting Professor at MMU Business School, said: “If the index slumps further towards 5.5, I fear for the welfare of many SMEs in the UK.”