Staying on track for new business opportunities

  • 07 May 2020

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As HS2 gets the green light there are a multitude of opportunities for subcontractors.  The key is to remain agile to capitalise on those opportunities by working with a flexible mobility partner. 

HS2; Cross Rail; major road and house building projects … all designed to inject optimism and economic stability.  And they present fantastic business opportunities for the plethora of contractors and sub-contractors up and down the country.

However, whilst the UK’s investment in major infrastructure projects presents a great opportunity for many smaller firms, the unpredictability of sub-contracted work can also be a logistical headache. It’s hard to plan resources for the numerous unknowns – will the project be for a couple of weeks; a few months or longer?  And will the services required vary over the project?


Planning mobility support for the workforce is also challenging in these circumstances, especially if a business doesn’t want to risk making a long-term commitment to vehicles and equipment.  The trick is to balance having the right transportation when it’s needed, without facing a car park full of vehicles and an unnecessary burden on cash flow.

This is where working with a flexible mobility provider like Europcar Mobility Group UK can give firms the right level of agility.  Have access to commercial vehicles and cars when they are needed – so that you can up-scale at short notice to meet demand, but without the commitment to long-term expenditure which could send project costs off track.

Vehicle rental also means firms can access the latest and most technologically advanced vehicles. At Europcar Vans for example, we have a fleet of over 8,000 commercial vehicles, with an average age of 13.3 months, available from sites up and down the country, including 10 dedicated van and truck Supersites. And Europcar Advantage provides brand new cars and vans - with all the performance and efficiency benefits - for three months or more, without any long-term commitment or early exit penalties.

Plus, when working on any major construction project, specialist vehicles are going to be essential to getting the job done. Chapter 8 compliant vehicles are essential for those working road or trackside, and there’s likely to be a requirement for specific equipment from tow bars and racking to beacons and ply lining. The Europcar Vans Supersites have experts on hand to help subcontractors identify their fleet requirements and arrange specialist equipment fitting as necessary.


The big infrastructure projects that have been given the green light are clearly a welcome injection of work during uncertain times for firms of all sizes right across the engineering and construction sector. To embrace the opportunity, the key will be to make sure the right supply chain partner is on hand, not only to handle the work on offer but to stay in control of costs and be able to pick-up and put down vehicles when and where they are needed.

Find out more about how Europcar Mobility Group UK can help your business exploit and manage the opportunities. Call 0371 384 0140 or email [email protected]

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