Start 2022 in the right way

  • 04 Jan 2022

By Sid Madge, founder of Meee and author of the Meee in Minute series of books

In tough times how can you recharge yourself and your business as the New Year gets going? As business owners we have to look after our customers and suppliers, our staff and also remember to look after ourselves. That way we’ll be in the best position to take on whatever 2022 throws at us.

Here are some ideas to get you off to the best start:

Make changes that will play forward

Is what you have done today getting you closer to your business and life goals or further away? If you want a different tomorrow, you need to take steps to change what you do today.

Take a minute to draw a circle and divide it up into slices that represent how you spend your time during a typical day. Now draw another circle and divide it up to represent how you would like to spend your day. What could you change in your business to improve your hours at work? Identify the things you like or can live with and the things that you don’t like and can’t live with.


Often we don’t need to make wholesale sweeping changes; subtle little shifts accumulate to help you achieve your business and personal goals. 

Increase team productivity

Work with your team so everyone knows what you are striving for and who will benefit. This will increase motivation all round. Empower each person to focus on their most important work first and make sure they have the access, responsibility and resources to make it happen.

Productivity and efficiency always nose dive when employees are unclear of their role, and priorities. In 2022 take a few minutes each day to provide the clarity that may be needed. Even better, encourage your team to create focused time when they can be free of distractions (for example, turning off email). They’ll get into a flow and achieve more.

Adopting a growth mindset

Things never stay the same for long. Life is change, and as dynamic businesses wouldn’t we get bored if it wasn’t? All successful businesses adapt. Or they die out. It’s as simple as that.

As business owners, we have to become much more comfortable with failure. Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck identified what she calls the growth and fixed mindset. Children naturally have a growth mindset, they try, fail, try again and ask a million questions about everything. Adults try, fail and cover up any attempt they even tried and refuse to ask anything in case they look foolish. The kids have it right.

Take a minute to think about the last time you resisted change? How did it turn out? Do you have a growth or a fixed mindset? Change is inevitable so we may as well embrace it and enjoy the journey in our businesses and in our wider lives as 2022 unfolds.


Align purpose and values

Many of us have business mission and value statements which we are proud to display. But are we engaging our team with these? When people feel that their purpose and that of their employer are aligned, they tap into higher levels of motivation and discretionary effort. By seeing the synergy of how personal values align with the values of the business we work for, there is more connection and enthusiasm in the workforce and engagement goes up.

Take a few minutes to do the Meee Values exercise ( and encourage your team to do so as well. Then have a conversation.

Finding the joy

I am a total word nut and I love the word ‘joy’. I can’t even say it without smiling. For me ‘joy’ is visceral. We feel these types of words in our body. If joy is not a word you associate with your business – now is the time to take stock and ask yourself why this is.

Take a minute to find the joy in the day to day of your business and home life. In 2022, focus on the small gestures that spark joy for yourself and your business team. You’ll help create a culture in your business where everyone pulls together and gives their best, to the benefit of each individual and the business overall.


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