SME owners, self doubt and burnout

  • 08 Oct 2019

Many SME owners may have experienced certain levels of self doubt on the journey of setting up their own business. Whether that’s occurred when they’ve secured their first clients or when they’ve compared the progress of their business to others within the market. These feelings of self doubt are completely normal, particularly when you’ve invested so much of your time and money in your business.

However, self doubt (sometimes referred to as imposter syndrome) can have a negative impact on you and your business if left unchecked. From missed opportunities, procrastination, overworking and, ultimately, burnout.

In this webinar, we explore the factors that may lead to SME owners experiencing feelings of self doubt, imposter syndrome and burnout. We’ll also discuss actionable insights that you can put in place today that can benefit both you and your business and help overcome these feelings of self doubt.

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