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SmartPA: ‘The Future of Outsourcing’

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Outsourcing has played an integral part in the development of SME’s over recent years, with the opportunity for business owners not only to save costs of a full-time wage and recruitment fees, but being able to strategically use outsourcing to accommodate business growth.
SmartPA have been featured in this month’s Raconteur Special Report in The Times on ‘The Future of Outsourcing’ as a result of our world-leading authority in the administrative and business support space.

The interview with CEO Andrew Wright explores the sharing economy environment and what this means for business owners looking to outsource business support. 
Q: How is your model different to other businesses providing outsourcing PA services?
A: Outsourcing professional services is now commonplace across industry, with administration following the trends of sectors such as IT and manufacturing. Our model is completely different to our competitors in that we’re not just building a vast group of people and services; instead our focus is quality, training and our bespoke technologies. Our success comes from continuous learning and mentoring programmes.

Our talent force continues to grow exponentially; it’s quite a phenomenon. We’ll have more that 500,000 on our roster by 2020. These are really powerful numbers that even the largest resource companies would struggle to compete with. We support thousands of businesses worldwide, so our SmartPAs aren’t just sitting in one organisation supporting one ethos, they’re managing multiple businesses across multiple sectors. For this reason, our intelligence, training and continuous learning are pivotal going forward. Ultimately, this is what sets us apart as market leaders in the provision of virtual assistants and business support services.” 

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