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Small firms should share energy benefits, says FSB

The Government must ensure small businesses get their fair share of benefits from changes in the way energy is generated, distributed and used as the industry undergoes its biggest transformation since the Industrial Revolution.

That’s the message from a new FSB report called The Price of Power, which argues small firms often miss out on the benefits of new infrastructure investments despite helping to finance the cost.

“Our research shows members are aware of the need for energy investment,” said Allen Creedy, FSB’s Energy and Environment Policy Chair. “Sixty per cent highlighted security of supply as the top infrastructure priority. This investment comes at a heavy price for customers. But what constitutes a fair cost burden depends on the opportunities and benefits businesses receive in return. 

“Controlling energy bills is important,” he added. “But small firms should also be able to benefit in other ways, such as managing and reducing their consumption, generating their own energy, and providing new products and services to energy customers and suppliers.” 

The report drew on input from FSB members, and found 27 per cent believed that a low-carbon economy would create more opportunities than threats for their business. Just 14 per cent thought the opposite.

FSB is also calling on Government to update its Carbon Plan and outline its vision on how it intends to hit the carbon reductions it has committed to.

Read the new FSB energy report, The Price Of Power, by clicking here