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Small businesses missing out on digital sales


Small businesses throughout the UK are missing out on millions of pounds worth of extra sales because their websites are not fit for purpose.

Only two per cent of UK small businesses have a high performing website, says a new report from FSB Business Profiling.

And more than 88 per cent of SMEs have room to make significant improvements to the digital performance of their business.

With online trade in both retail and services becoming the norm, the importance of digital performance for  has never been more critical.

Any business that actively monitors and maintains their digital profile sees a significant improvement in their business. Olly Betts, CEO of Handle and the FSB Business Profiling service, said: “Those businesses that use Handle see a 20 per cent increase in performance. Their websites generate more traffic, deliver more enquiries, leads and ultimately sales.”

FSB Business Profiling helps business owners identify what part of their digital profile is under-performing - and what they should do to rectify the issue. For FSB members it can be a vital tool to build a digital strategy on.

Olly said: “Helping small business owners invest time well is the main reason we have updated the FSB Business Profiling reports. These highlight the areas that need to be improved across a business’s entire digital profile, helping business owners take action, delegate to team members or outsource to third parties.”

The Small Business Digital Insights report is free to download.

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