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Small Business, Big Voice – How FSB’s survey programme helps shape the UK

How can we be sure that we’re truly representing the voice of the UK’s small businesses and the self-employed? 

Why do senior politicians, Government Ministers, the Bank of England and other key decision makers regularly use FSB’s research to help shape their work and policies?

FSB is the biggest member business group in the UK and we run a unique, online research community called Big Voice. 

Big Voice is the place where our members can have their say on behalf of small businesses across the UK. Our Big Voice surveys are on topics of significance to all small businesses and the self-employed. 

Over the last year, these have included surveys on business confidence and costs, Brexit, supply chains, late payments, innovation and exporting. 

It is by having a representative sample of the voices of all of FSB’s small business and self-employed members from all sectors and industries, from all regions and nations of the UK, from businesses of all size and business owners of all backgrounds, we can continue being the leading voice of small businesses and the self-employed and work to make the UK a better environment for them, now and into the future. 

Small businesses now number a staggering 5.7million in the UK, and this number has been rising year on year. Small businesses provide 60 per cent of all private sector employment. In 2017, the combined annual turnover of SMEs was £1.9 trillion, 51 per cent of all private sector turnover in the UK.

More and more people of all ages and backgrounds are taking the exciting step of self-employment, for many different reasons.

We are committed to representing the voices of all these and others. This is why we urge all our members to take part in as many of our Big Voice surveys as they are able to.

If you’re an FSB member, help us to help you. Join your Big Voice research community and take part in our surveys so we can deliver the best for you.

By Martin McTague, FSB Chairman, Policy and Advocacy


Watch a video with Martin McTague talking more about Big Voice.

FSB’s Big Voice surveys are managed by independent market research company, Verve, which has been commissioned by FSB to undertake all our Big Voice polls, surveys and discussions.