Six tips for getting the best tech for your money

  • 12 Nov 2021

It’s important to shop smart and get the most for your money

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It’s important to shop smart and get the most for your money whatever time of the year you are buying tech. So here are six top tips to help you invest in the best set up to help grow your business.

Seek sound advice

First ask a technology expert you can trust. With such an overwhelming choice of hardware and software available, and new technologies emerging all the time, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest trends. And unless your business has an in-house IT consultant, you need someone who can assess your business’s needs and give guidance not just for now but to ensure your set up is future fit. Asking a Dell Technologies Advisor is the perfect starting point. You’ll find individual, dedicated support from an IT expert who is as invested in your success as you. Directing you towards a technology-agnostic solution that’s right for your business and your budget.


Keep the future in mind

Sometimes buying cheap can mean buying expensive. Before you blow your cash on any short-term tech deal, consider if it really is the best answer for your long-term business growth. Otherwise you might find that you have to upgrade and replace sooner than planned because that unmissable bargain misses the spot in terms of meeting your future IT infrastructure needs.

Plan ahead in phases

To reach your business’s overall goals, you probably find it useful to plan in phases. So apply this same strategic approach to investing in technology. Ask yourself, what IT improvements you need to make right now? And if all goes to plan, what will you need in the future? Identifying key outcomes for the short, medium and long term will deliver pound-for-pound the best investment into something useful rather than OTM (of the moment).

Spread the cost

Can’t really afford to make a major, one-hit technology investment at this time – tempting though it may seem. For a simple, predictable and worry-free solution, Dell’s PC as a Service (PCaaS) combines hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing with no up-front costs. Just one fixed price per seat per month. Giving you the opportunity to hire more staff or invest in other important functions in your business. Dell Financial Services offers a variety of finance solutions with flexible payment options to suit your budget. Call or chat to a Dell Technologies advisor to discuss your requirements.

Consider automation

If you associate automation with major corporations and think it’s out of your small business’s league, then think again. In fact, if you are already using an application such as Google Workspace, you are already benefiting from the power of automation. When it’s too complicated, time consuming or expensive to get extra resources, automation tools can save money and eliminate administrative error by carrying out repetitive, time-consuming tasks automatically. Helping you keep the lights on for businesses with cost-effective service subscriptions that provide maximum value for minimum expense.


Get rewarded

Signing up for loyalty programmes is a good way to get more from your investment. And joining Dell’s free loyalty program for UK small business owners means you will benefit from Dell Rewards coupons to redeem against future purchases, exclusive offers and early access to sales and product news.

To discuss your business’s tech requirements, call Dell Technologies Advisors today on 0800 085 4878 or chat with them here.


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