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Scottish entrepreneurs getting a slice of the market


Ever since the Earl of Sandwich slapped a few slices of roast beef between two pieces of bread, the eponymous snack has been the ultimate portable meal. 

Over the years its reputation has often been associated with convenience and less of a meal. When Tom Lauckner and John Moore opened Piece (Scottish slang for sandwich) in 2008 on Argyle Street in Glasgow, their aim was to change this. 

A decade later and Piece is about to open its largest unit, taking it to six shops and over 30 employees. With a large production facility and catering division, the company is continuing its expansion while maintaining a drive to use local ingredients and suppliers.

“We wanted the sandwich to become something that people dream about from breakfast and plan ahead for their lunch,” says Tom.

“We’ve been named the best sandwich outlet in Glasgow and won awards, but the people that matter are the customers. We’re known now as the place to go for an amazing sandwich with our own special brand of customer service.

“When you start out obviously you’re looking after every penny but we saw that becoming a member of FSB was a sound investment because it just gave us a lot of peace of mind,” says Tom. “Being able to phone for legal advice at any time of the day and have the employment law back-up as well was great but there was also just that feeling of having someone who’s looking out for you.”

Piece has also made use of FSB’s workplace pension scheme. “All of our employees have been really happy with the pension scheme we chose and it was so painless that I actually had to keep checking that we’d done it right,” says Tom. “Absolutely everything was covered, it integrated with our payroll seamlessly and it didn’t take any amount of time out of our business.

“Recently we’ve used the debt recovery service. We’d been chasing a bill for over a year and a half, but thankfully within four days of sending the debt guard letter we were paid.

“You don’t go into business to learn about employment law or business insurance. We make sandwiches and that’s what we’re good at, so we need to have as much time to make sandwiches as possible. Having someone like FSB there who we can just call on for those other things has been invaluable.”