Rental vehicles - An hygienic transport option?

  • 17 Sep 2020

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During the Covid-19 Lockdown our transport options were curtailed. We were told not to use public transport and we worked from home where we could.

Now we’re being asked to go back to work, but we’re understandably wary of the transport options available and which is the safest.

As a small business owner, you may work from home anyway, and have reduced the amount of travel as networking, events and client visits have moved online.

However for those businesses and staff that need to either travel to work, or use their vehicle for their work, if they don’t have their own vehicle, another good option is a rental vehicle.


At Europcar, we want you to enjoy the best travel experience, whatever you need a vehicle for - van or car, which is why we launched our Safety Programme give you the peace of mind that you feel safe in hygienically clean vehicles.



We conduct the following actions to keep you as safe a possible:

Icon_tick.png  A 20 point vehicle hygiene check (click here for details), accredited by the RAC, is carried out between each rental using a specially formulated sanitiser (conforms to British Standard EN1276) 

Icon_tick.png Protective PPE measures including plexiglass installations and face masks for staff

Icon_tick.png One way and regulated entry/exit systems implemented at our branches

Icon_tick.png Stringent cleaning and disinfection of public and high-touch areas within our branches

Icon_tick.png Enhanced safe distance Delivery & Collection available for all customers

Icon_tick.png You can also watch our hygiene video here ( to see exactly what we do to keep you safe

So if you need to travel and want a more hygienic option to get you to and from work, or to use for your work, call us on 0371 384 0140 or visit to create your business account within 3 minutes.

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