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Your local input can make all the difference

One of the reasons FSB is such a strong, influential and respected organisation is that it boasts not only a fantastic national lobbying team but also an unrivalled network of active and enthusiastic local volunteer groups.

What makes us stand out from many other business organisations is that we are not just a London-centric body, we have hundreds of branches from Plymouth to Shetland made up of members, just like you, who are fighting on behalf of their local small business community.

In this region we have two great branches – East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire – and both of these groups are now actively looking to gain some new input for their respective Branch Committees. A lot of people are, perhaps understandably, nervous about joining committees but each of our FSB teams aims to create a friendly and positive environment and they are always looking for people with fresh perspectives, ideas and enthusiasm.

Between them our branches organise a variety of events such as networking, social occasions, business seminars, visits to local businesses and lobbying MPs and each of them are free to decide where their priorities lie. So, if you want to organise events or join the battle to get the small business voice heard by local councils and MPs at Westminster, then the doors are always open for you to do so.

The South Yorkshire branch is holding its AGM in at 7.15pm on 10 October, and the East Yorkshire branch AGM will be 6.30pm on 15 November. If you would like to attend your respective AGM please contact your local Development Manager Neville Martin ( who will be happy to tell you more about how you can book your place and be part of a winning, local FSB team.