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Young London entrepreneur uses technology to find a gap in the market

Reece Samani of Signature Pharmacy talks to Denise Beedell in the fifth of a series of articles featuring the winners from the FSB Celebrating Small Business London Area Finals held on 19 March.
After graduating with a Masters in Pharmacy from UCL, Reece Samani was very clear that he wanted to be able to help patients and recognised that hard-pressed High Street pharmacists were often unable to spare much time with their patients.
Initially he worked in community pharmacies, but Reece realised that he wanted to be able to give his patients more time to ask questions and discuss their healthcare and generally provide a better level of service to his patients. 
Reece says, “A lot of patients at work would ask me if they could get their medication delivered and it wasn’t something I was allowed to offer. There were times where I would offer to go after work and deliver medication to elderly patients who couldn’t get to the pharmacy to collect it. This is how I knew there was a market for the service I currently offer. 


Reece Samani of Signature Pharmacy with his London Area finals trophy for Young Entreprenuer of the Year (under 25 years of age) 


He continued, “I was incredibly lucky, after setting up the business in July 2016 and just after gaining the premises registration in the November, I signed a contract for the UK with one of the largest UK technology healthcare providers. 
“Although it was a challenge learning how to negotiate with a large corporate business, I was able to realise my ambition and since then I’ve landed other contracts.
Signature Pharmacy now provides an online prescription and healthcare service between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week and Reece hopes to eventually be able to offer this as a 24 hour service.
Currently he sub-contracts drivers and couriers to make his deliveries all over the UK, and also uses locum pharmacists to cover any of his absences from the office.
He continued, “Being a young entrepreneur means I can focus on developing my business and as I still live with my parents, I am able to reinvest profits into a locum pharmacist recruitment platform. The Locum App service complements my original business and is currently marketed as a free platform, with hopes for it to be revenue generating by the end of the year.
Naturally his business is his primary focus, but he is aware that he needs to look after his own health and wellbeing, so he uses meditation and gym visits to keep things in balance. 
In his downtime, he’s like any other twenty-something who enjoys the buzz of central London and hanging out with mates.
Signature Pharmacy won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year (under 25 years of age) in the London Area finals.