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You are not alone say FSB to self-employed people in Luton and beyond

The Bedfordshire branch will be holding Luton's first self-employment seminar on 23 March 2018,  between 1.00- 4.00 pm at Crescent Hall, 50 Dunstable Road, Luton, LU1 1EF and will be joined by both of Luton’s two MPs , Gavin Shuker and Kelvin Hopkins, as well as top figures from Luton Borough Council  and FSB.  

Attendees at the event will be able to  find out Luton’s MPs views on the self-employed as well as FSB’s key asks for those going it alone. There will also be an opportunity to find out what help there is available for the self-employed from FSB and others including Wenta, the local enterprise agency.  The seminar will begin with a free networking lunch for those attending and there will be a panel question and answer session at the end. 
Policy lead for FSB for the East of England, Michael Mealing, who will also be speaking at the event said: “While setting yourself up in business can be incredibly rewarding and exciting, there are many risks and the government provides few safety nets.  This makes them fundamentally different to employees.  While record levels of self-employment should rightly be celebrated as it brings freedom and flexibility to millions of people, policymakers have been slow to respond to the boom in self-employment in  a whole range of areas, the self-employed are akin to round pegs in a system built of square holes. If we do not act now to adapt to this changing workforce, we will only be shoring up problems for the future.  
He continued: “Areas where FSB has identified that action is needed to help the self-employed include improving access to pensions, mortgages, income protection and other financial products, addressing the discrepancies between the self-employed and employees in the social security system, including on maternity pay, and improving business support for the self-employed. We  are hoping to raise these issues at this event.” 
Gavin Shuker, MP for Luton South said: “Self-employment is at the highest levels since records began and Luton’s army of 14,000 self-employed people make a massive contribution to the local economy.  I am really looking forward to meeting FSB’s self-employed members and finding out some of the issues and challenges that they face.”  
As well as the MPs and representatives from FSB, the local authority and Wenta and there will be talks from local self-employed people about how they started on their journeys.  The Q & A session and the end will address some of the opportunities and challenges that there are for self-employed people in the borough. 
Go here for further information about this free event or to book. Email or telephone 07917 628998 If you have any questions about this event,