Working Heads could work for you

  • 01 Oct 2019

Kent-based charity, CXK, has launched a trailblazing employability project to support disadvantaged, unemployed people in Kent and Medway to find work.

Working Heads helps individuals to create a great first impression and access employers in an engaging and innovative way through video. As part of the project, job seekers are supported through workshops which take them through the process of creating a video CV. That video is then uploaded to the Working Heads online portal, which is accessed by employers looking for candidates to fill existing job opportunities.

From an employer’s perspective, the portal provides quick and easy access to a pool of work-ready candidates that they might ordinarily never meet. The video format of the CVs allows them to not only learn about a candidate’s experience, but to make a more accurate assessment of their personality and soft skills, which many candidates find difficult to portray through a written CV. This give the employer the ability to make a quicker decision about how that candidate might fit the role and within their team – before deciding whether to invite them to interview. They access a wider pool of candidates, strengthening their ability to develop a more diverse workforce, and to meet equality, diversity and corporate social responsibility objectives.


Louise Martin, Network Manager at Working Heads, said: “Working Heads has been designed to help people who struggle to create a good ‘first impression’ with a written CV. It allows them to really present themselves to employers without the barriers a written CV can present, and gives employers a really convenient way to access a wider candidate pool.”

Any employers wanting to receive details about Working Heads should contact: Louise Martin, 07980 864133, [email protected]; or visit

The Working Heads project is funded by the government’s Integrated Communities Innovation Fund and is therefore completely free to use for candidates and employers alike.