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Why your businesses could benefit from rebranding

By François Reynier, Creative Director at Acacia

If you believe that rebranding is only for big corporations, think again. Rebranding could be the best thing you'll do this year to re-energise your business and attracting new clients. 

All businesses, regardless of their size, need to adapt to changes in their marketplace to stay relevant. 

Often the changes taking place within the business are gradual. However, every few years you’ll need to change your business model significantly to make it to the next stage of growth. 

When your business changes its focus to better answer its clients' needs, you need to communicate this to the world. You do this by rebranding. 

By rebranding, you show the intent of staying relevant in an evolving marketplace. It shows the world you mean business. 

Don't forget that we now live a digital world. The first contact between potential customers and your business is likely to be online. The first thing they'll see is your brand message before you even have the chance to talk to them. Your brand, which communicates how you can help them, becomes more critical than ever. 

However, keep in mind that a successful rebranding of your business will not be a small undertaking. It is far more than commissioning a new logo or refreshing the look of the website. 

“By rebranding, you show the intent of staying relevant in an evolving marketplace. It shows the world you mean business.”

Rebranding is an in-depth strategic process. It involves assessing and defining what is at the core of your business. By rebranding you'll redefine why your business exists, the problems it solves for its clients and how to turn your vision into reality. 

Of course, rebranding might involve a new logo or website, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. The process of rebranding goes much broader and more profound. 

Ask yourself: What is our reason for being? What makes us unique in the market? What is our visibility in today’s marketplace? Are we still relevant to our audience, or are competitors overtaking us? 

Answering these questions can sometimes be difficult. However, if you aren't clear about what your business stands for and what makes it unique, why should your customers? So why should they buy from you? 

Rebranding helps you to refocus your business to where the best growth opportunities are. Next time you review your business and wonder how to take it to the next level; a rebranding could be the answer.