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Why Tech Expo UK?

Since the World Wide Web become available for public use in 1991, the internet has become a vital part of all businesses’ lives, writes Amanda Flanders, Director of Evexio and event organiser of Tech Expo UK.

Websites, digital marketing, social media, online accountancy, security and many more are things that all business owners have to incorporate into their business plans.

Quite surprisingly, even in the modern technological world that we are in, a lot of business owners are still unsure of what technology is out there and how it can help them run, build and grow their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

Technology still causes many people to run and hide, the confusion over what it is they need and how it can help them is just too much.

And that is just what is available now, let alone what is coming in the future, voice, VR, AR, AI are words people are familiar with, but what does that mean and should we be more scared?

This is exactly the reason we created the Tech Expo.

The Tech Expo UK is a one-day exhibition and seminar, bringing together industry experts to help business owners to understand what technology it is out there and how it can help them run, build and grow their businesses more effectively.

We have one of the world’s top technology companies, Microsoft, providing our keynote seminar and they will be sharing with us how they are working to support businesses of all sizes.

We are also looking at one of the biggest fears we all have, ‘staying human in a digital world’
Which will not only look at what we can do, but also how we can deal the new generations coming into the working world, who are more advance technologically than we will ever be.

The Tech Expo UK is not a full-on geeky tech exhibition for tech geeks who want to find out about what is new in the geeky tech world. (sorry I may have used the word geeky too much, but you get what I mean.) but you are welcome to join us and share your knowledge.

The world of technology is growing, don't miss out on the opportunity to learn as much as you can in one day and meet with the suppliers who can help you.


If you are a supplier who offers a tech-based solution to business owners, which can help them run, build and grow their businesses more effectively, then we would love to hear from you. We are looking for the perfect partners to empower our attendees with the knowledge of what is possible with the power of technology. FSB members are offered a 10% discount off of any silver or gold package booked. We are looking for online accountancy, CRM systems, Digital Marketers, Social Media companies, IT support, etc.


Would you like to discover what technology is out there to help you run, build and grow your business more effectively? Would you like to meet with the industry experts who can help you to understand what is out there now and what is coming?

Join us On Thursday 26th September 9am to 4pm at the Kent Event Centre, Detling, Kent.

Visit for more details.