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Which of our local councils are Small Business Friendly?

FSB has launched this year’s search to find the best small business friendly initiatives undertaken by local authorities across Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. 

Our Small Business Friendly Awards are well established and highly respected by all councils, and provide an excellent opportunity for all Local Authorities to nominate specific projects delivered in the last year, which have had a positive impact on the local small business community.

Last year’s Awards yet again proved to be a resounding success and managed to identify some excellent work. Local Authorities, in showing active support for these Awards, are clearly realising the importance of small businesses to the local economy. The two Award categories are:
• Most Innovative Small Business Friendly Programme, Campaign or Project
• Best All Round Small Business Friendliness

Winning councils will be announced in mid-September.

Neil Eames, Development Manager for the FSB Wessex Region, said: “The FSB looks to our local authorities to help create an environment for small businesses to survive and prosper.

"We are very keen to recognise any organisation that has gone above and beyond to achieve this. The Small Business Friendly Awards scheme aims to show all local authorities in the UK the best examples of support that this region’s small businesses receive from their councils.

"It is very easy to criticise Councils but FSB has worked very hard to create and maintain a good working relationship, and these awards are a further initiative to recognise in public, the efforts made to encourage and improve local economic regeneration within the small business sector.” 

Councils wishing to apply can either do so by email or by online application.