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What type of funding is right for your business?

In a much-quoted quip, tech writer and publisher Tim O’Reilly compared finance to gasoline on a road trip. “You don’t want to run out of gas…but you’re not doing a tour of gas stations.” 

Perfectly true. However, where will you get that first full tank to get your business up and running? 

The majority of entrepreneurs will bootstrap their businesses - drawing on personal savings and small loans from friends, family and other willing sources – for as long as possible. 


It’s only when a business begins to show some success – or at least strong potential – that more financing options open up. The good news is your businesses should grow larger and stronger as it progresses through the financing lifecycle. As Yvonne Haizel of Mitsui & Co puts it, “success becomes likelier with each next funding round”

But which route or funding mechanism is right for your business?

London & Partners’ Business Growth Programme provides support to London SMEs via a dedicated growth advisor, mentoring, corporate engagement and events and workshops. 

Their Routes to Finance report outlines everything you need to know about business finance for start-ups and scale-ups, the report looks at the key stages in an SME’s journey through the world of funding including:

• Angel investment
• Debt finance
• Crowdfunding
• Series A, B, C etc

For each funding mechanism they ask: what is it? Where does it fit in a business’ development journey? What will investors be looking for? And what are the benefits and disadvantages? 

Experts and real-life case studies explain the jargon, offer tips to help you achieve the maximum investment required and navigate you through the world of funding. 

Read the report here