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What do small businesses need from the new UK government?

As the summer continues, the new UK Government settles into place. After several weeks of busy campaigning, manifestos and pledges from all political parties, we now know who will be running the UK Government until the next election.

This new government has an opportunity to be the most innovative, open for business UK Government yet. FSB Wales has stressed that this must be the one of the first priorities for the new government.

So how can the new UK Government deliver for businesses in North Wales?

We need to see a recommitment to the North Wales Growth Deal, and to hear how and when this will start to deliver investment and growth for Wales.

Ahead of the election, businesses in North Wales told us that one of the main priorities for the new UK Government must be to deliver growth for every region of Wales. If the UK Government works with small businesses then this will be achieved. Small businesses hire local people, spend their money locally and stimulate local economies in a way that far exceeds the impact of a more global company. If the UK Government works with small businesses and the self-employed, we will see that small businesses can be a significant part of the growth we need across Wales.

We look forward to working closely with the UK Government to ensure that small businesses get the best deal possible.