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What business owners should do to comply with fire safety regulations

The world was shocked to see the recent Grenfell Tower disaster. It’s not only the horrific scenes witnessed, but also the disbelief that it could happen in this day and age.

Unfortunately, as we have seen, it can. FSB Member, Trading Safely is a Health and Safety Company based in Selby and explains how as a small business owner or landlord, you have a legal obligation to comply with fire safety legislation and document your fire risk assessment if you employ 5 or more employees.

What steps can you take right now?

• Put pen to paper and make a start on your fire risk assessment. Don’t put it off any longer. Don’t worry about asking experts for help, most of the time they will happily answer simple questions for free.
• Put in place a fire evacuation plan. Locate it where the staff are able to view it, ideally wall-mounted and in a prominent location. 
• Walk your fire escape route, from the furthest interior reaches of the building to the final fire exits. The route should be uncluttered and lit with emergency lighting. Intermediate fire doors should be well fitting with smoke seals and easily swing back into the closed position. Get rid of door wedges, which may prevent the fire doors from working as intended. Final fire exit doors should open outwards with easy and unencumbered egress to the assembly point.
• Check the areas around your fire extinguishers and fire alarms. These should be easily accessible without any obstacles. 
• Extinguishers should be serviced regularly. Add reminders in your diary when the service date is approaching. 
• Raise awareness amongst your employees about timely evacuation with a fire drill, ideally every six months. Retain a record of these drills. 01757 600 559