Watch again: ‘Northampton Virtual Networking: Talking about Mental Health’

  • 16 Sep 2020

Click here to watch the event.

Every month FSB holds a networking event for the Northampton area, featuring a short, useful talk from one of our members, to provide an opportunity to learn and discuss a topic related to small business ownership.  

All are welcome, it’s free, and an opportunity to meet with other entrepreneurs, self-employed people and small business owners, to continue to network, collaborate and support each other.


Our talk on 31st July 2020 featured Jonathan Pittam of Mind Body Consulting. Jonathan is a mental health educator who helps people managers challenge their thinking, and develop innovative strategies for supporting their teams' mental wellbeing. At this event Jonathan covered:

  • A different perspective on mental health
  • The main barrier that stops us asking for/offering support & how to overcome it

Following the presentation, plenty of conversation ensued, leading us to put together a follow-on, dedicated event around mental health, dealing with change, and making change work for you as a business owner. ‘Make Change Work For You’ will take place on 8th September at 2pm. You can book a space to join the event on here:

Watch the recording here

Date of event: July 2020


Jonathan Pittam

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This talk is from one of many FSB networking, business support and lobbying events run daily across the UK, and most are not recorded. Be sure to join other business support events for free, here.

FSB Care- Your health and wellbeing are important. If the worst should happen and you become unwell with a serious physical or mental health condition, FSB membership offers free access to a personal nurse.


Wellbeing Hub- In 2019 we created the FSB’s Wellbeing in Small Business hub. Here you will find information and practical advice for your business on mental health and general wellbeing. Included are ideas and suggestions that you can try if you are looking to improve your own wellbeing or the wellbeing of your staff.  You will also find case studies from the FSB membership and partner organisations like Public Health England and mental health charity Mind.

FSB also have a dedicated Covid-19 support hub which gives specific guidance for small businesses on the Coronavirus and have launched the Skills Hub designed to support FSB members remotely; with learning opportunities, resources and advice for your business.