Watch Again: Nailing it! Creating Good PR for your Business

  • 17 Nov 2020

Good PR for your business can attract positive, potentially national media attention, increase sales drastically, and create a positive relationship between your business and the public for years to come.  

Watch the full webinar here

Likewise, bad publicity can do just the opposite!  After a rough few months in Leicester around covid and further localised lockdowns hitting the national news, this event will aim to help small businesses to improve their sales, awareness and image through storytelling, maximising local and national press and media opportunities and handling bad PR constructively.


This event was held as part of Leicester Business Festival in November 2020.

Who is the event aimed at?

  • Anyone who owns or manages a business or organisation which could benefit from good publicity or has suffered from the effects of bad publicity recently.
  • Small business owners, Comms managers, Sole traders, marketing managers.

What will attendees gain? 

Hear from experts in PR and communications, who can share their experiences and tips from the perspective of local well known magazine and newspapers, as well as those who specialise in dealing with reviews, good and bad.

Learn how to plan a PR strategy as well as how to react quickly to opportunities which arise, how to tell a good story which will be picked up by media, and how to respond to reviews and use them as a tool to grow your business sales and profile.

Watch the full webinar here


  • Ruth Shearn, FSBs PR and Crisis management service
  • Kerry Smith, Editor, Niche Magazine
  • Jennifer Thomas, FSB Development Manager (Host)

FSB PR/Crisis Management service offers guidance on how to deal with serious negative publicity along with up to £10,000 of insurance to assist you with a major public relations crisis.

Topics to be covered by FSB PR and Crisis service:

  • Protocols following a crisis
  • How to prepare, draft and issue a press release



  • Prepare general communications within your business and externally
  • How to mitigate negative publicity
Find more information on the FSBs PR and Crisis service, here