Watch again: ‘Make Change Work for You’

  • 16 Sep 2020

We've all experienced huge amounts of change in our lives recently - and everyone deals with it differently.

Click here to watch the event.

On Tuesday 8 September at 2pm our FSB panel shared their personal experiences of dealing with change and gave us some pointers on how to manage it. After the recording ended we then held a discussion between the live event attendees about their own experiences of how the lockdown has affected them and how they are going to manage the change.

Many of the event attendees were newly self-employed, or had been recently made redundant and chosen to set up businesses. Others were finding that they are needing to find new ways of working and managing their staff and were looking to explore that.

The panel discussed:

  • Different ways we react to change
  • The difference between enforced change and change that we have chosen
  • Ways of feeling more in control
  • Positive change - how to build sustainable changes that will benefit you

Watch the recording here

Date of event: September 2020 



  • Jonathan Pittam is a mental health educator who helps people managers challenge their thinking, and develop innovative strategies for supporting their teams' mental wellbeing
  • Mark Kennedy is creator of the multi-award-winning Future Toolbox and author of the books Don’t Get Your Neck Tattooed and What The Hell Just Happened. Specialises in personal development for teens, young adults and families to create positive mindsets for a better future.
  • Cate Gregory is a coach who empowers individuals and organisations to attain their goals through coaching.  Drawing on her many years as a senior executive in a variety of industries as well as her lifelong passion for learning and development.

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