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View from the Greater Lincolnshire Chairman

Lincolnshire Show has changed in recent years from a business event into a family event, writes Doug Balderson - FSB Greater Lincolnshire Chairman. Current full order books for some businesses with owners and staff working at full capacity often means they haven’t the time and/or financial resource to design, produce and man a show stand for two days. This was very evident at this year’s Show. 

FSB Policy’s production Small Business, Big Ambition Manifesto is being delivered to all MP’s. Another superb publication and working document for the new government. It’s another illustration of why our Policy Office gets the success for smaller business through Westminster lobbying. Please contact me and I will forward an electronic copy accordingly.

The best business leads are solid referrals. You are aware how good the FSB Membership is for you and your business. I hope you will take up the FSB Lead Generator Scheme. By signing up on  the advice to your business colleague about the FSB values to their business will be followed through when our Membership Adviser visits them and signs them up in person. They can also join online or on the phone. £30 is earned for every lead you provide who becomes a full Member. Just five new Full Members a year and you will have more than covered your own Membership (subject to category). 

Help our Membership grow and swell your bank balance too. A massively valuable Membership package with daily lobbying of Ministers on small business matters for a fairer platform and a whole suite of updated and increased value benefits from Cyber protection, PR/Crisis Management support, Legal Cover, FSB Marketplace, etc..

Daily issues abound varying from Business Rates, Planning, Car Parking, etc. Your involvement and experience with local authorities could help level the playing field. Local knowledge is invaluable and can help more Members.