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View from City Hall

Deputy Mayor for London, Rajesh Agrawal writes, “London has one of the most dynamic and prosperous economies in the world. The Mayor and I are determined to ensure that Londoners from all walks of life are able to benefit from the city’s success.

“As we work towards economic fairness, we are now asking businesses for their views on the Mayor’s vision for a new compact with employers.

“Our new Good Work Standard will recognise and promote good practice in employment. It aims to promote fair pay, excellent working conditions, opportunities for professional and personal development, diversity and inclusion and good work-life balance in London’s workplaces.

“Through the Good Work Standard we will be partnering with employers who share the aim of making London the best place in the world to work.

“It is intended that participating organisations will be recognised on the website and employers with outstanding practices will celebrated by the Mayor.

“We are now keen to hear from small businesses about what they would like to see included in the Good Work Standard. Essential requirements are likely to include a commitment to paying at least the London Living Wage and complying with a set of basic standards to ensure workers are treated fairly.

“With seven out of ten school children in London from a minority ethnic background, we also want the Standard to promote diversity in the workplace.

“For small businesses, the benefits of being a good employer are clear. When clients and customers know they are doing business with an ethical employer it can boost a company’s reputation. When employees feel they are paid a fair wage they feel better about their work– and when staff morale goes up, workplace performance improves too.

“I am a sure you will agree that being a good employer makes good business sense – for more information visit