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#ThinkSelfEmployed means freedom for Les Puces

Mandie Davis is the founder and CEO of Les Puces, early years French classes. She has created a method of language learning and oversees the half termly modules that the company creates.

So far they have published 20 bilingual book titles, two albums of French children’s songs as well as accompanying projects and worksheets for the children. 

Les Puces is nearly four years old and is currently being franchised in the UK with a view to export.

“Freedom is really important to me, so being self employed, it’s all about being able to work when and where I want” says owner Mandie. “I’m a workaholic and love the experience of forming a company and watching it grow.  I don’t need someone to tell me what hours I need to put in … and I do occasionally get to relax and enjoy the moment!”


“It’s really important to me to be there to support my children, friends and family when they need me. Being self-employed has meant that I can take my daughters to sports competitions or to visit universities, as well as help friends and family when they have to visit hospital or need a lift somewhere.”

“I work in France occasionally, especially through the summer and I love that I have the freedom to pack up and go when it suits my lifestyle and the weather rather than being fixed to pre-booked holidays that fit in with a 9 to 5 job.”

“There are difficulties too of course; I work from home so my work is ever present, both physically (with all the paperwork and devices) and in my head as I hold responsibility for the company and the people who work with us, so in a way it’s very difficult to forget about work.  Despite that though, I wouldn’t change where I am today.  As Les Puces grows, and I get more of an infrastructure behind me, I can see that things will get easier. Right now I’m quite happy to get up and start work at 6am in exchange for a walk in the afternoon if I want to. I like being my own boss!”