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The real FSB work begins now

Comment by Sam Holliday FSB development manager Gloucestershire and the West of England.

Like probably most of you, I am feeling a certain amount of ‘election fatigue’.

Although I am one of those rare individuals who loves politics, two general elections, the Brexit vote, council elections and a Metro Mayor one in the space of a couple of years seems a bit much but, to be fair, no-one can say any of our elections have been dull lately!

In saying that, however, the elections are only the starting point for us at FSB. This great organisation started over 40 years ago as a lobbying body and we see it is our role to represent you when we meet politicians of all parties. As such, now that the will of the people has been heard from council chambers to Parliament, we will get down to the business of trying to make sure our programme of small business policies are at the heart of the decision-making process.

We will use, as our tools, two manifestoes prepared for the various campaigns which are full of the issues you have told us were the most important to you – business rates, the battle against red tape, securing a good environment for business post-Brexit, procurement, reducing business taxes and more. 

All of these will be part of our discussions with our newly-elected representatives and, don't worry, you can rest assured one of the things we will also be asking them is if we can we have a bit of a break from too many more polls for a while!