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The Lowdown on Cybercrime from the London Digital Security Centre (LDSC)

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime has many definitions, but it is essentially where a crime is committed using some form of online attack. This could be attacking your website and shutting it down (a DDOS attack), sending you or your colleagues emails with malicious links in them (a phishing attack) that places malicious software (malware) on your devices and allows criminals to access your files and steal your data, or shut your systems down.

Why is it increasing? 

Cybercrime is increasing because we have entered a technological age. Committing crime on a mass scale, without having any physical or personal contact with a victim has risen at an exponential rate. Criminals are operating and developing their skills online, where they have access to hundreds of thousands of potential victims. Unauthorised access to boundless personal and financial information to enable further offences is being facilitated through the deployment of computer viruses and malware, and exploitation of cyber security vulnerabilities.

Traditional crime requires an offender and victim to come into contact with each other, or for an offender to physically enter a victim’s property or vehicle. Cybercrime removes this need, and makes cybercrime a low risk, high reward venture for the criminal. Frankly, cybercrime is increasing because what rational, or self-respecting, 21st century criminal would not seek to prosper from the opportunities that the growth of the internet has provided!

How can you report a crime? 

ActionFraud is the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre. All Frauds or Cyber Crimes should be reported to them via their website or through calling them on tel: 0300 123 2040.

Steve Warwick, FSB Greater London Regional Chair said, “We are highly supportive of the work of the LDSC.  The issue is of such importance that FSB have recently launched our own Cyber Protection product which gives businesses access to both a helpline and a limited insurance designed to support and protect their business at no extra cost.”

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