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The business of this new Government needs to be business

Since the Exit Polls were published on the evening of June 8th the result of this election appears to have thrown up more questions than answers.  Are we going to have another election?  Does this result provide Remainers with a mandate to hold another EU referendum?  Can Theresa May last or will we see a change in leadership for the Conservative Party?  What we do know is that for the sake of the economy and jobs across the Thames Valley and the country, business needs to carry on and provide a stable back drop to political uncertainty.

For the FSB, first and foremost we seek clarity around the upcoming negotiations over the UK’s exit from the European Union. They must be led by a Prime Minister and Government that will be in charge for the duration of the negotiations. And we seek speedy agreement on trade, EU citizens in our workforce and the future of EU-funded schemes.

Domestically we believe we can create a majority in the House of Commons against the proposed National Insurance hike on the self-employed, which we managed to stop after the last Budget. That should be immediately ditched by the new administration.  Mandatory quarterly tax reporting has been temporarily halted but there may now be scope for a proper rethink.  And whoever is the new Communities Secretary must put an end to local authority dithering over providing the business rates relief to those most affected by the recent revaluation.

We now have work to do to ensure MPs are listening to SMEs in their constituency; please get in touch if you would like to share your story or flag an issue, meet your MP, show them around your business, attend a roundtable or otherwise demonstrate how your business needs support in your local constituency and from national government. Please contact