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The biggest threat to your business is this

The biggest, and most common threat to businesses is their  IT. 

This is the observation of member Ken Seymour who, along with his wife and co-director, Christine, is celebrating over 21 years in the IT Business. Ken has seen many changes since he started KTS Computers Ltd, but although the devices and software change, the basic problems that businesses face remain the same. 

A business that loses its data for whatever reason generally closes down within 2 years. The loss can be caused by hard disk failure, viruses, ransomware and other reasons. You may think you’re OK because you back up your data, but have you checked the back up lately?  Too often the backup isn’t tested and isn’t working! 

One customer reported odd things happening on their computer and investigation showed that over a period of several weeks, it had been accessed from another country at night, and used illegally to process stolen credit cards and make bitcoin transactions. Ken was able to extract the information and pass it on to the police for investigation and save the customer having their IP address blocked for criminal activity!  Most businesses limit their profitability in less drastic ways. 

The most basic is out of date devices that are slow and not fit for purpose. At best this causes loss of productivity and frustration but at worst the PC or server just stops working without warning. 

Modern cars have all sorts of warning lights that show when critical things need attention and it’s the companies that take the same approach to their IT that have the least risk. For customers who have a maintenance contract, KTS engineers get warnings when things need attention and can often fix them remotely before anything goes wrong - saving hours of lost productivity and expensive repairs. 

Just like many other things in life, prevention is better than cure! 

Ken said; “Businesses still need to make sure their systems keep running with no interruptions, protect their data, and keep their customers happy.”