TEDx brings an early Christmas gift of inspiration to York thanks to Holgate Women

  • 24 Dec 2019

Themed “Incremental sustainable change” or simply put “Little steps can make a difference”, the first TEDx talk for women came to York this Sunday and left a powerful footprint thanks to the Holgate Women – 8 speakers over a 5 hour event, led by organiser Caroline Chapman of Grounded HR. 

FSB sponsored the event, held at The Mount School, as part of our local area priority on diversity, and 2 members, Catherine Adamson and Andrea Morrison were part of the excellent all female speaker line-up, with many more members joining in as part of the 100 strong sold out audience. 


TED talks are global events where people deliver short, powerful speeches on an array of topics, which have become a global movement since the first “Technology, Education and Design” conference in 1984, with talks since been given Worldwide in more than 110 languages. TEDx is a local, non-profit independent spin-off, designed to help share ideas in communities around the world with local speakers on topics that matter to the local community and designed to spark conversation at a local level.


Picture with kind permission of Alice Lodge 


From “Paying attention, how change happens” by Julia Unwin to “A Dangerous Rainbow” by Taz Thornton, every speaker in York wowed with their thoughts on making the world a better and more equal place one step at a time.   

With moving personal stories and great insight into disability awareness, resilience and confidence building, inclusivity and diversity, measuring success, and changing other lives with your actions, each speaker gave the audience real inspiration and food for thought. 

Andrea Morrison FSB member and local volunteer said ‘It was such a privilege to be part of such a powerful event. I’m so passionate about enabling people to realise their own potential in a sustainable way and to be able to share how they can do this on such a well respected platform was an incredible experience.’

Catherine Adamson, who has recently joined the FSB added “‘I was so proud to be part of such an incredible event, and to share the stage with so many other passionate and amazing women.  Running a microbusiness is tough, and if my story, my lessons on success, helped just one person that day I will be one happy lady.’


Carolyn Frank, local Development Manager in North Yorkshire commented, “This was a fantastic event and I am grateful to the hardworking volunteer team who brought it to York, FSB were delighted to be a sponsor, several members had highlighted that it was happening and asked us to be involved, and I hope that this is the first of many.”

“It is thanks to Caroline Chapman and her team of volunteers that the event was such a success and I congratulate her – in her signature high energy style she flew off to Lapland right after the event with her family for a Christmas adventure, but I hope that when she has time to reflect on the event, she will be pleased and want to bring TEDx back soon to York.”