Supporting the South Brent Traders

  • 02 Aug 2018

South Brent offers a unique shopping experience, but the traders in the area are keen for more people to know about the local offer.

They are working with the council and the local MP to ensure the village is clean, tidy and that there are parking spaces (in the station yard) so that visitors feel welcome and wanted.

They have a looked into the history of the area and are looking to produce a map or walking tour that takes in these sights so that the visitors and locals can get a feeling of the village in the past.


There is a wide variety of shops in the village from shops offering food and provisions, a super florist, a DIY shop and a computer and IT expert.

There’s also a hairdresser and one of the most prized shop of all is the craft shop which attracts visitors from all over the UK as it has such a good reputation. FSB Devon is happy to support the plans of the South Brent Traders.