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Success for Lincoln cyber security launch

The launch event of the FSB led 'Lincolnshire Cyber Security Forum' was held at BG University in April and with over 60 delegates attending has been hailed as a great success.


A varied and packed programme included essential presentations advising business owners and managers about the risks to businesses of cybercrime and how to mitigate them.

The Forum is a local partnership organisation aimed at reducing cybercrime by increasing awareness and encouraging preventative actions. It is also a great example of joint partnership working. Further events to be held across Lincolnshire are being organised and booking instructions will be published in due course.

The fight against business crime, particularly in rural communities, is a policy focus for FSB Lincolnshire and we are keen to hear from Members about how their business may have been affected by crime.

Actions that FSB has taken so far:
• We’ve successfully lobbied the Government to ensure police forces record business crime separately to other crimes.
• We’re calling for more resources to be allocated to law enforcement to help them build up their capacity and capability and deal more effectively with business crime.
• We’ve argued for more business input into the local policing strategies of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and the national strategy of the National Crime Agency, with specific strategies for dealing with crime against small businesses.
• We’ve urged ‘Action Fraud’ to significantly improve its performance to help tackle the growing levels of fraud against businesses.
• We urge all members to report the crimes that affect them and get involved with Business Crime Partnerships and take appropriate security measures to ensure they’re reducing their vulnerability to crime.
If we can increase our Membership numbers we will have a stronger voice so please encourage your business associates to look at the benefits of FSB membership.