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St Ives business chosen for this year’s Small Biz 100 campaign


Graham Buck, regional chairman congratulated member Paul Welling of  ItsSo Travel of St Ives for being  selected for this year’s Small Biz 100  and this was celebrated with a visit by Mayor of St Ives, Cllr Philip Pope.
The business is one of 20 enterprising FSB members chosen to be part of the annual initiative that promotes the chosen firms in the 100 days running up to Small Business Saturday, this year held on 2 December. 
FSB is very proud of the businesses chosen to be involved with Small Business Saturday, which highlights the successes of the small business community.  This is where the Small Business Saturday campaign is once again highlighting 100 small businesses, one a day for the 100 days leading up to Small Business Saturday 2017 and it gave September 27 to ItsSo Travel. 
The business has been based on the Broadway in St Ives, Cambridgeshire  since March 2017 and is run by travel expert Paul Welling who has over 30 years’ experience in the hotel, travel and hospitality industries.  Along with his wife Claire,  he set up the business  two and a half years ago and it is proving a great success. This is why the five year old, national campaign, Small Business Saturday wanted to support them. 
Paul Welling said:  “We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the Small Biz 100 and we are determined to use this to highlight what we, as a small business have to offer over and above the  large retail chains. As a small business we have a genuine love of our industry and our livelihood and reputation depends on the fact that the holiday experiences that we put together for our customers are first rate.” 
Mayor of St Ives, Cllr Pope, who also runs a business in the town s said: "It’s so lovely to see a St Ives business nominated for such a great award. ItsSo Travel is relatively new to St Ives but even in the lead up to opening, you could tell that they were going to make a significant impact on the town as everyone was talking about them. I personally am a big supporter of small businesses over larger chains, so it's nice to know that we not only have some of the best ones in our beautiful town but also that they are being acknowledged for all their hard work. 

He continued:  “Well done to ItsSo Travel for standing out and making a difference. St Ives is proud to have you!"

Graham said: “ We are  proud to have so many FSB members selected for the campaign which does a fantastic job of highlighting the diverse range of businesses working hard across the UK. We are especially proud of Paul and Claire who have demonstrated what a passion for excellence looks like in their business.”
“Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to celebrate the successes of the 5.5 million small firms and self-employed in the UK and show consumers why they should be supported all year round.
He continued: “The campaign, now in its fifth year, has gone from strength to strength and once again we are encouraging everyone in Huntingdonshire and beyond to get behind small firms in their communities to make Small Business Saturday bigger and better than ever.”

Pictured above: L-R – Paul Welling, Cllr Philip Pope, Graham Buck, Claire Welling