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Spotlight on a creative London business

North London based Nicki Lang, set up Tela Films in 2014, following a successful career as an editor with a Soho post-production company. 

A desire to make creative and cost-effective videos for small businesses, charities, individuals and institutions, utilising her years of industry experience and knowledge as well as new simple technologies, is the foundation of her business.


Having previously worked on TV commercials, film trailers, corporate films, promos and documentaries, for big industry names such as the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, BT and Vauxhall, Nicki (pictured above) has loads of experience to help her interpret her clients’ message and understand their branding.

Balancing family life as well as being able to retain more creative control, was a strong driver for starting her own business. Opting to remain home-based means she can operate more flexibly, supporting neighbours and friends when schools close unexpectedly, like they have in the last few days. 

Nicki has an independent streak, building up the business using the industry contacts made over the course of her career, rather than involving family members. She uses freelancers and outsources some business operations, so that she can concentrate on the areas where she excels. 

However, as a small business owner, she does enjoy projects where she has to take small risks and operate outside of her comfort zone. She says that these can be the most rewarding and also provide her with personal development opportunities.

Since starting her own business, she has learned to have less fixed ideas, and whilst she is a meticulous planner, she has accepted that sometimes too much planning isn’t helpful.

Nicki says, “Being an FSB member has been a great help – knowing they are there to represent small business views and to influence government policy. The resources available to small businesses are also really valuable.”

“FSB Women have also provided a wonderful community and a great network of fellow business owners who understand the pressure of balancing different demands between family and business.”

To manage the challenges of running a business from home, Nicki has also developed a sure fire way of ensuring she takes regular breaks, “My cocker spaniel Bruno is like my own personal trainer, demanding time with me away from my desk in the fresh air on a very regular basis!”