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Dresden Grosser is a London creative services company, directed by Gavin Wood. The company offer business design in LOGOs, reworking old logos and stationery design. Further graphic services include poster design and web advertisements.

The company is still in its infancy being less than two years old, beginning as a publishing services company for book layouts, cover design and distribution, “Our design services’ growth was very organic” says Gavin Wood.

Whilst directing, Gavin is concurrently studying a BSc in International Business Management through Anglia Ruskin in Farringdon, where he received a scholarship for 2017 from the university. Gavin noted “During lecture season I add 20-30 hours of academic work onto the working week. People ask if I have days off, I say “when there are 8 days in a week I will consider it.”

There are two sites where clients can visit Dresden Grosser, Covent Garden (by appointment) or St. Margaret’s House in Bethnal Green.

What separates Dresden Grosser from other firms in a similar space is, “There are a lot of companies online offering logos for £20, our logos start at £280, you are reducing your risk of less gains through substandard-considered design when you employ us. Research is a very important part of our design process and is fostered to produce symbols with a longer-term value, and to maximise social heat.”

If you are wondering about the name, Dresden Grosser is inspired by Großer Garden in Dresden, a town Gavin notes as special, perhaps not surprisingly as he has a musical heritage traced back into 18th century Germany.

“Our customers are the absolute most important thing in the world to us, we listen to what they want and excel to push boundaries and produce the absolute best for them. There is no substitute for first-class.”