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South West’s active role in self-employed campaign launch

FSB recently launched its important new #ThinkSelfEmployed campaign which was given a perfect kick off by scores of South West FSB members doing their own ‘self-employed selfies’ to mark the launch day.

Around 300 FSB members nationwide, including many from this area,  pictured themselves on Twitter  on the day of the campaign launh highlighting why they enjoyed being self-employed – and pointing out some of the issues Britain’s 4.8m self-employed people now face. 

The campaign aims to not only raise awareness of the significant role self-employed people play in the South West economy and indeed throughout the UK but to try and improve the working conditions and benefits available to self-employed people including our calls to  simplify the tax system, to introduce paternity and adoption allowances and to find ways to allow equal access to financial products like mortgages for those who work for themselves.  You can find out more about our asks and our campaign agenda at this FSB website link and for more information about the campaign as a whole see here.


The campaign received its official launch at the FSB chairman’s reception in the House of Lords recently attended by MPs and peers of all parties and a number of FSB members from throughout the UK. Our picture here shows FSB chairman Mike Cherry (right) and chief executive Julie Lilley (left) with the FSB South West national councillor Terry Lockwood (second left) and one of the South West MPs, David Drew from Stroud (second right).